Art - Portrait of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Hello Everyone!

     Hope this post finds you in high spirits.  Today I am sharing my latest piece of art, next in the series, Portrait of Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru of the Sikhs. Till now, this has been the fifth portrait of the the holy saint that I sketched or painted over last 10 years . It has been a delightful experience all the times.

      I have captured the development of the portrait from a simple rough sketch to the finished one in 4 photographs. Have a look at these:

             The first step is to draw a basic outline which extends an idea about the placement of various features and objects. This must be done with loose hand as it can be required to modify at any step. Not much precision is needed, but the strokes get better and natural with practice. The overall shape, the identifiable squares, circles and triangles can help here. One can move on to next step once satisfied by the rough sketch. I would advise a pencil with hard lead here, as the strokes need to be light, but not very hard, as it may restrict the flow of hand or destroy the paper surface. I have used 2 H and 2B pencil here.

            Now that our outline is finalised, we may pay attention to the tones. I like to block the darker shades first, then go for lights. This gives me a fair idea of the contrast to be created. But if anyone finds it easy, they may start with lighter area and gradually advancing towards the darker ones. I have used General's charcoal pencils, 2B, 4B and 6B, for outlining and filling in darker areas. 

              Now coming to the lighter tones, I have used H and B series pencils, Daler Rowney Willow Charcoal and Staedtler mechanical pencil (for detailing). For blending in the skin and other tones, I have used Cretacolour paper stumps, cotton buds and clothe piece. 

               Once the blending is complete, the highlights can be created by eraser or white charcoal pencil. I did the same for eyes, nose. palms and the background. Once again the dark shades are confirmed, and we get the finished portrait. Quite happy after completing it in 10 hours distributed over 3 days.

                I hope you enjoyed the post. Keep tuned for more!

-   N K Sran     


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