Art - Portrait of Madame Marie Curie

Hello to all,

     I am sharing this time, the last portrait I completed, about 2 months ago. It is a charcoal on paper. This one happened to be of Nobel laureate Madame Marie Curie. She would always be remembered as an intelligent and diligent women who discovered Radium along with her husband Pierre Curie.

        It took about 3 hours at a stretch from beginning till end. It was a bit difficult initially to work without any measurement or scale, but I was happy to find my eyes have been trained enough to do so. This one has been the fastest ever that I sketched.

       Practice has been going on since then. Next Portrait planned would be a charcoal on paper too. I am taking time before I shift to oil on canvas. I will try to post steps to drawing for next portrait. Keep tuned for more!
- N K Sran    


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