Art - The Herd of Elks

Hello All,

     The first half of this year, I was able to explore and learn more on the landscapes, specially, oil on canvas. It was an immense pleasure painting the beautiful snow-clad mountains, flowing rivers, hanging clouds, lively trees, wavy grass and absolutely gorgeous creatures full of life and hope.

    Above is the second to the latest one that I finished painting in about mid of July. It provided an escape from the warm and humid weather outside. I tried this technique for the first time by introducing details in the peak and eliminating them as we travel far. Blue colour worked perfectly to create a sense of distance. I worked upon my knife work here. This one proved out to be a good practice.

   Another experiment was about the still water in the foreground with the reflections of bushes. I wanted to improve on this since long, but never conceptualised any painting befitting such a scene. Finally got some satisfying result with brushes and knives together.(Another painting is in progress which employs the same water reflection technique. Hope it comes out nicely too!).

   Not to forget beautiful Elks, pleasure to paint. The leader, responsible for its herd looks upon us with some strange expressions on its face. Its up to the viewer to interpret!

   From here onwards there would be lesser of landscapes and nature (Though I love to paint these). I have planned to take up 'Portraits' for the latter half this year. This way I would get a chance to work in Pencil and Charcoal medium, from where I actually began 12 years ago. Time flies so quick like it has got wings! Next, the plan is to shift to oil on canvas portraits gradually. As in colour there are hues to be determined in addition to tones in black and white, it becomes a bit difficult for the brain to interpret initially. But, I am moving ahead with the believe, Patience and practice together give rise to magical things.

   I hope you all liked this post. Stay tuned for more!

                                   - N K Sran   


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