Art - The beach

Hi Everyone,

    Hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Today I invested 5 hours on a digital painting created using Procreate app for iPad. I have worked on this app few times before, but just for practice. This is the first time I created a complete scenery. Have a look at the below.

    I haven't put in all the details. I just created it leisurely. What I feel good about digital art is that it is quick, keeps your hands clean and you can experiment easily. You need not care about colour mixing as you get the whole colour palette ready. Its good tool for practice. It provides a kind of freedom to artist to use canvas of any size. Also, one never runs out of digital Canvas!

   I hope you all liked the art. Stay tuned for more!

-    N K Sran   


  1. Anything that brings the pleasure of being totally absorbed with creating, is a blessing. The scene you made conjures up happy memories for me.

  2. Thank you Julie, I am delighted if my art brings happiness to someone.


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