Sunday, 7 December 2014

Art - The White Bench

Hello Everyone!

      Today I completed and finally signed a new oil painting. I have worked and re-worked on it for months. Hope you all will like it.

- N K Sran 

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Art - The Seascape

Hello Everyone!

                This weekend I have completed my latest painting oil on canvas titled "The Seascape". I started painting this one back in June this year. I liked how it turned out to be. The prominent colours are blue, white and mustard. I hope you all liked it too.

-N K Sran  

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Photography - Diwali

Hello Everyone!

             Happy Diwali to all! 

            Diwali is a festival of Lights. Today I am sharing with you all a few of my clicks on Diya's (traditional oil lamps) and candles. Hope you will like it.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Art - Pears Still Life

Hello everyone!

     Few days ago, I practiced still life sketching. I am sharing the drawing with all of you. I have mainly used H series and B series pencils but for shadows I have used charcoal pencils. It took in total 5 hours distributed over two days. Hope you liked it!

- N K Sran 

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Photography - The Punjab Collection

Hello Everyone!

   This time I am sharing few of my photographs from my collection on Punjab, India. This is for all the people who live in Punjab or Punjab lives in their hearts. I am enjoying the new adventure. Stopping by every beautiful place while travelling.

   Punjab has been referred to as one of the most fertile regions of the World. It is an agricultural hub for India. People here are fun loving and jolly. At the same time they are hard working too. They enjoy there lives and inspire others to do so. Natures beauty and modern architecture are being combined to construct a modern Punjab.

  One thing I am sure about is, anyone who ever visited Punjab, will never forget its warmth and vigour. It fills you with happiness and enthusiasm.

The photo prints are available for sale at following websites:

Photography Prints

- N K Sran 

Photography - Workers at a Brick Kiln

Hello Everyone!

    Here is a photograph of workers at a brick kiln in Punjab, India. They work hard in scorching heat to make there both ends meet. I tried to capture the essence from a distance. I like the various activities going on in this click. There are women, there are children. Everyone is busy doing there work.

Workers at Brick Kiln, 2014

      The photo prints are available at following websites:
Art Prints

- N K Sran 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Food - Pastas

Hello all!

           This weekend has been amazing with family. I always love spending time at home. I cooked pastas this time. Hope you all like the photography!
Pasta Penne

Penne Cheese Pasta

Conchiglie Capsicum Pasta

- N K Sran

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Poem - The Four Shades of a Woman

The four shades of a woman

With the birth of a little girl,
She enters in the life's whirl,
Soon starts taking steps so small,
She is still delicate as a doll.

Grows up learning lessons that bind,
Manners, etiquettes and being kind,
When education comes within her access,
Opens herself new doors to success.

Being daughter, sister, wife and mother,
She develops more patience than any other,
Works day in and day out with persistence,
Without even looking for any assistance.

Today, she has ability to lead,
Helps her family when in need,
At border, she defends her country,
Whether days are sunny or wintry.

Take delicacy, kindness, persistence and strength,
Tie these beads in a string having great length,
Long enough so that her life can be woven,
Using these four shades of a woman.

                                                          - N K Sran

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Words and Phrases - 20 Words from French to English

Since ages, there has been exchange of words between languages. Here is a list of 20 words that are almost same in French as in English. Take a note of these as it makes remembering French words easier. Also pay attention to the minor deviation in spellings while being adopted by the English language.

  1. Abandon - abandon
  2. Abattoir - abattoir
  3. Abdomen - abdomen
  4. Aborigine - aborigine
  5. Abrasive - abrasif
  6. Absence - absence
  7. Absorb - absorbe
  8. Absurd - absurde
  9. Abundance - abondance
  10. Accent - accent
  11. Access - acces
  12. Accidental - accidentel
  13. Accolade - accolade
  14. Accord - accord
  15. Accordion - accordeon
  16. Accumulation - accumulation
  17. Accusation - accusation
  18. Acid - acide
  19. Acoustic - acoustique
  20. Acquisition - acquisition
           - N K Sran

Friday, 2 May 2014

Photography - A collection of violin images

Hello everyone!
          Last month has been quite a busy time. But I found some time for photography and painting. Here are some of my latest photographic work on the theme - The Violin. I experimented with different combinations of light and shadow. And the results came out to be quite satisfying. Have a look at these!

Violin - Black and white by N K Sran

The violin and bow by N K Sran

  These are also available as prints:

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Sell Art Online     Photography Prints
- N K Sran

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Art - The Forest

Hello everyone!

                  I recently finished a painting titled "The Forest". It is an oil on canvas. I used Daler Rowney Georgian Oil colours along with Daler Rowney round and flat brushes.

              It took about complete 1 month to paint this one  and another six months to dry completely. It is inspired by the vibrant colours of nature. Orange, yellow and green are the prominent colours. Painting the rocks took the maximum time. Last year I was deciding on what to paint next, then this scenery caught my due to its vividness. It had all together different colour pallet than regular landscapes. It was easy to start but I had to strain my nerves many times while detailing, specially while doing the rocks. I yearn to paint more of the natural scenes in the years to come. This one will be definitely a rememberable experiment to me. Hope you all liked it! 

Available as art prints and cards here:

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- N K Sran 

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Poem - When I talk to myself

When I talk to myself,
I kind of get relief,
Because I am not misunderstood,
Even if my words are brief.

As I am talking,
I am listening,
There is nobody else,
But its like a single,
Fish that in the silent,
Pond of water dwells.

There would be no turbulence,
But not even any cheer,
When other fishes,
In the pond are not near.

Squeaking, frolicking, swimming,
And jumping I enjoy,
I love being with other fishes,
Even if sometimes they annoy.

Somebody to break your silence,
Is necessary and essential,
Because you are on the Earth,
Not alone in the extraterrestrial!

                                      - N K Sran

       This poem has been written in response to the movie "Gravity". Really a great movie that I enjoyed last weekend with my family. It shows when you are all alone in the space, how much you miss hustle bustle of the Earth. The most annoying sounds seem like music to our ears. Mud and water seem like blessings. Human can be happy alone for few moments or few days but not for long time. Because this is how we are genetically designed. Nobody realises how much they love The Earth until they leave it!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Words and phrases - Echelons


Meaning : a level or rank in an organization, a profession, or society.

A formation of troops in which each unit is positioned successively to the left or right of the rear unit to form an oblique or steplike line.

A flight formation or arrangement of craft in this manner.

flight formation in which each airplane flies at a certain elevation above or below and at a certain distance behind and to the right or left of the airplane ahead

Synonyms : level, place, position, step, degree, rank, tier, stratum

 The word echelons is derived from french word échelon meaning rung of a ladder. It is usually used for the various ranks in military or positions in an organisation. It is also used for formation of troops in lines.

Origin : French échelon, from Old French eschelonrung of a ladder, from eschiele,ladder, from Late Latin scāla, back-formation from Latin scālaesteps, ladder; seeskand- in Indo-European roots.

First known use of echelon :
       circa 1860

Sentences :

A squaddy from a rear echelon of the regiment had seen Kenworthy go to ground, and came to him.
Hilton, John Buxton DISPLACED PERSON
But this disparity in the higher echelon is not peculiar to the NHS.
It didn't take much for him to win over the Sena's top echelon , as his subsequent election to the Rajya Sabha indicates.
Wellington's centre had withstood the attack of the first Guard echelon , the grenadiers.
Andrew Roberts, Series edited by Lisa Jardine and Amanda Foreman WATERLOO: NAPOLEON'S LAST GAMBLE (2005)
What's certain is that the remaining members of the Hussein regime's top echelon are frantically scrambling to avoid arrest.

Yet this is important for only the top echelon of global companies.

Sources :

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Art - the sun and the waves

Digital art created in procreate app for iPad. It took about 15 mins to complete.

                                                                                                                                   - N K Sran

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Art - digital art sunrise

Quick digital art using procreate on ipad.

                                                                - N K Sran

Poem - A box full of happiness

Sitting in my room,
I was looking at a box,
It contained all my favourite stuff,
From old books, clothes to woollen socks.

All that I could no more,
Read, fit in or even wear,
But for the sake of my affection for them,
I always wanted to keep them near.

Suddenly, I saw through window,
Servant's children were playing,
Her mother promised her a pair of shoes,
I heard one of them saying.

Next moment I call,
My mother inside and say,
"All the stuff in this box,
I want to give away".

She called in children's mother,
And gave her the old stuff,
For her naughty little girl,
It was more than enough.

The little girl came running with joy,
Wearing 'new' bright red dress,
Her big smile was the sign of gratitude,
That she wanted to express.

I never saw anything,
Changing its colour so fast,
The clothes became the joys of today,
In a moment from the tokens of past.

For one it may have turned into,
A place with complete mess,
But for other it may become,
A box full of happiness!

                                 - N K Sran

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Art - Digital floral design

Digital floral design using adobe ideas for ipad.

                                                                                       - N K Sran

Art - Abstract digital art

Abstract digital design created using adobe ideas for ipad.

                                                                         - N K Sran

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Art - Sunset

I created this one today on my ipad. It took about 20 mins to complete this one.

Monday, 6 January 2014

Poem - Who am I ?

Every song I sung,
Every wind-chyme I hung,
Every aim I set,
Every person I met.

Every wish I laid,
Every painting I made,
Every colour I used,
Every offer I refused.

Every injury I bore,
Every dress I wore,
Every dish I plated,
Every occasion I celebrated.

Every happiness I felt,
Every sadness I dealt,
Every winter I thrived,
Every summer I revived.

Every book I read,
Every word I said,
Every story I heard,
Every mistake I incurred.

Every thing I lost,
Every thing I loved the most,
Every thought I thought,
And every poem I wrote.

                               - N K Sran