Monday, 18 July 2016

Poem - Universe Around

Running away from the turmoil,
of the vast endless universe,
found myself one with chaos,
caught in circumstances adverse.

Looking for some help from outside,
I searched for years altogether,
To look beyond the visible,
some courage I had to gather.

Found something liberating,
with no explanations ever made,
chaos becomes stability,
after chains of wishes fade.

To discover your own self,
a new journey starts from here,
travelling within forever,
but not to reach anywhere.

No escape is needed,
from the universe around,
the same lies within,
what on outside surround.
                                - N K Sran

Monday, 4 April 2016

Poem - Million reasons

Ink started to flow off the pen,
leaving its mark on the paper,
It would be a long journey,
thinking that made my words waver.

Then the joy of writing,
got mixed with ink,
heart is lifted by beauty of words,
fear of failure started to sink.

Slowly the mind got tired of story,
the nib got worn out of writing,
Reins over mind are lost to ambiguity,
as thoughts inside the mind start fighting.

After writing for months,
managed to reach half-way,
under piles of words and thoughts,
I forget what I wanted to say.

I started again but this time,
fierce intensity filled the pen,
I could write the words but,
couldn't make them breath again.

Money said "let me give it a try",
Fame said " Why should I be behind?",
the ink started to shine as if of gold,
but it was short lived and confined.

Helplessness came to the rescue,
fueled the ink like no other,
I wrote for the love of freedom,
but negativity came to smother.

To keep going I tried a million reasons,
to stop, there was only one,
then I realised, I ought to write,
for the only reason that it was once begun!

                                                                                               - N K Sran

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Poem - Dreams keep us alive!

Travelling in a giant ship,
to a destination unknown,
surrounded by waters strange,
far far away the bright Sun shone,
The long journey can boggle,
and render the mind lifeless,
the Sun can give the warmth,
but cannot be reached by the flightless,
Some enthusiasm is needed every moment,
to make the obsoleting life thrive,
like sun, achievable or not,
our dreams keep us alive!

                                        - N K Sran

Monday, 14 March 2016

Poem - Inspiration

Blank canvas, like blank mind,
wonders how it would finally find,
colourful thoughts to dance on its surface,
and an artist so kind.

Kind enough to spend some time,
choosing among colours rouge, azure or lime,
put these into a beautiful landscape,
or paint some memories from his prime.

His prime focus is to pick up the brush,
and decorate the canvas without any rush,
he had the talent, but couldn't create,
as a river of inexpression, towards his mind gush.

Gushed in with immense and formidable force,
the artist tried to defend, couldn't judge its source,
stayed there for next few months,
gradually inexpression was succeeded by remorse.

Remorse pronounce enough to suspend,
the creativity that was naive to transcend,
the mountain of fear, doubt and uncertainty,
and to imagine what waits on the other end.

End reminded him, why did he start,
the commotion of the outside world, instilled a spark,
from within his soul came a voice,
'This is your moment to leave your mark.

Mark my words, I free you from hesitation,
You have been already chosen by the creation,
to be born from your brush dancing over the canvas,
Canvas like life, becomes alive with a touch of Inspiration!'

- N K Sran                                                      

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Art - Land of peace

A total of 10 hours were invested in its making.  I loved painting the myriad hues in the sky and the floating fluffy clouds.

Land of peace, Digital Art by N K Sran

Thursday, 3 March 2016

Poem - How far

How far can one reach, to fulfil their dreams,
When they remain silent, and their impeccable flair screams,

Not every year, day or hour, but, every moment they spend,
Thinking and working, to accomplish what they intend,

Every bliss, every distress, on the way they face,
makes their journey even more, worthwhile to retrace,

First destiny takes over them, its will they defy,
to change the reality, on their dreams they rely,

After tireless combat, finally they taste the victory,
the writer's pens are ready, to write the history,

Like a proud mother, Destiny blesses them and smiles,
She Laurels them on covering countless unendurable miles,

How far one can reach, to fulfil their dreams,
Destiny wants to witness, their odds and extremes.

                                                                         - N K Sran

Monday, 29 February 2016

Poem - Peeping outside

Living inside a little house among meadows,
Seeing the world outside through two windows,
How beautiful did the world seem,
All looked nice, and nobody mean.

One day while peeping outside, a thought came,
Don't know it was a wise one or just lame,
Why not step outside, to breath in some fresh air,
and find out that wavy road, led to where?

Finally stepping  outside, after being home-bound,
Could not stand up on shaking legs, thus crawled to ground,
Got up with difficulty, once who was beguiled,
Again learnt to walk, like a child.

On seeing other people, they were all different,
Outside calm and friendly, inside belligerent,
They just wanted to get their work done,
reap all the wealth of the world and share with none.

What was meant life, behind the curtains was just a game,
Thoughts of players fighting for honour, money and fame,
Overtaking each other, gave them pleasure and bliss,
actually going deeper into a hopeless abyss.

Nerves of their brains, sharper than the edges of sword,
They want to feather their nests, more than they could afford,
Alas, all the cards were disclosed, in the blind fold game,
Kept quiet, but their reputation did not remain the same.

Came back running, towards the warm light,
Entered the little house before shutting the door tight,
Walked to the windows, again to peep outside,
Lives life keeping the three trump cards aside.

                                                              - N K Sran

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Poem - Another Morning

After the orange sun on the horizon goes down,
before the sky is ready in its shining black gown,
I wake up to another morning,
and walk in the streets of a magical town.

I see colours merge and evolve,
I see life dance and revolve,
around the streets full of art,
there I see rules of the world dissolve,

Music I hear and sing, is unheard,
I write, words that in my mind are stirred,
I work till my brain is overtaken by sleep,
like a restless and adamant nocturnal bird.

                                                    - N K Sran

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Photography - Abandoned flower pots

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all doing great! 

I have been away for about 2 months. This year has been very busy to start with. Maybe finally I get some time to paint one unfinished oil on canvas this weekend. 

Today I am sharing few clicks from mobile camera. The subjects have been abandoned flower pots and leaves in the backyard. The focus is on the composition rather than picture quality. It is very different from routine DSLR photography, but helps one to look at your subjects from a different prospective.

Winters are almost retreating from here. I hope these pots become home for beautiful spring flowers very soon. Hope you enjoyed this post. Keep tuned for more!

                                                                                                      - N K Sran