Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Poem - Besides the moon

             Some days of our life are not as good as others. It might happen that after working so hard we don't get the desired results or even someone spoils everything. So for those days, faith in God and ourselves is necessary.

On the roof,
besides the moon,
wishing everything,
turns out good very soon.

I had worked hard,
really hard since that June,
but it was blown away,
like a boat in the typhoon.

Listening on fm,
a very sad tune,
with it tears rolling down,
like late monsoon.

Then came you and said,
Stop acting like a maroon
soon your hardwork,
would prove to be a boon.

All your misfortunes,
I would prune,
and you are going to love,
to who you turn out soon.

                                - N K Sran

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Poem - Gold and the Goldsmith

                  Like some people, a gold nugget does not know its own worth and what it is capable of being. The poem accounts for the difficulties it has to go through while becoming a masterpiece, in the form of conversation between gold nugget and goldsmith.

I am very tough,
with my egdes so rough,
I just wonder,
what can you make out of me?

You are raw and old,
but a piece of precious gold,
I will make an elegant pendant
and a chain out of thee.

But you will put me on heat,
what if I got burned by this treat?

Don't you little nugget worry,
I will melt you slowly,
and not do any hurry.

Burning is non-essential
and painful in my view,
what will happen to me next,
tell me this too.

Gold never burns,
only impurities in it do,
Then I will put you in a mould,
on gradually becoming cold,
as a beautiful pendant,
you will unfold,
to make a chain,
the rest of you will be rolled,
a diamond at centre,
the pendant will hold,
finally to a rich lady,
they will be sold.

What if I would break,
as you would roll me into a snake?

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Romagosa Fine Arts: Rocky Mountain National Park

Romagosa Fine Arts: Rocky Mountain National Park: Zen-like View Climbing out of the Colorado desert titanic mountains march North-South in a massive migration spanning eons and stretch...

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Photography - My first drawing board

          The photo displays my first ever drawing board bought about 8 years ago. It is a special to me as most of my artwork was done using it. It bears lots and lots of paint marks which are prints of memories. And the good thing is, nice ideas start coming to my mind as I see it.

Art - Flower Pot (Still life)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Art - The Role of Self-inspiration

                     There really are times when we want to create some art piece but what we are looking for is some "Inspiration"! You can explore new forms or techniques most of the times. But, sometimes you should depend upon your previous work. 

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Poem - I met an Atheist

I met an atheist,
one who knows,
the God better than,
a pseudo-theist shows.

He wasn't like a pseudo-theist,
who longs for downfall of his foes,
and day by day,
whose wishlist grows,
God is merely a wishtree to ask for riches,
before Him he everyday bows,
but hunger for money and dominance,
from his mind never goes.

Whereas in the atheist's blood,
goodness like a river flows,
understands the meaning of humanity,
though near any temple, he never slows,

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Poem - Birdie's flight

A little birdie standing on cliff at great height,
creature's body is in the grip of fright,
gathering all the courage, pulls his muscles tight,
spreading delicate wings with confidence, takes his first flight.

Day after day he masters the art,
learning from experience, becomes smart,
but never departs mother's words from his heart,
what she taught at the very start.

She said that don't fall in trap due to hunger and thirst,
rarely in nature, grains are found not soiled by dust,
if they are too clean and shinny, look for the danger at first,
they might be spread delibrately, you'll be captured if you trust.

His wings are now robust and possess strength to fly,
sometimes he competes with the wind passing by,
everyday goes higher than the high,
because his dream was to touch the sky.

                                                            - N K Sran

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Words and Phrases - Ghetto


Meaning : A part of the city like a slum area or overcrowded urban area occupied by particular ethnic groups.

Origin : Italian. The word was derived from word "borghetto" first time used in Venice for Jewish people living outside the Italian city. "Gheto" in Venetian means "waste". So dictionaries offer a many possible origins for the word.