Monday, 29 October 2012

Art - Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji's Portrait

       The tenth Guru of Sikhs, Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji

        Completed in 3 days investing total of 10 hours using 2B, 3B, 4B, 6B and 100EE pencils.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Art - Sketching

                In-progress sketch of Guru Gobind Singh ji.

Photography - Sketching tools

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Poem - The rule of change

Heading happily towards my badminton court,
at the backyard I used to play my favourite sport,
I took some soil in my hand,
asked her "Why you feel like sand ?"
To settle my curiosity the soil replied,
"Here was once a mighty river that dried".

It struck me like a bolt from blue,
and birds of my vast imagination flew,
I was submerged with water all around,
my feet were lifted up from the ground,
Touched by wind and weather so pleasant,
the next moment I returned to present.

The soil continued: This world is a place so strange,
Everyone has to follow the rule of change,
Even the mightiest of rivers shift their place,
and at some turns, slow their pace,
Never be arrogant due to what you possess,
nothing stays forever, not even success,
Behaving snootily in the days of bliss,
soon you may find yourself in a hopeless abyss,
Change a bit and a way you'll make,
because the stiffest of the trees are the first to break.

                                                                      - N K Sran

Photography - Fly a closer look

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Article - Dark Energy : Space vacuum is no more a vacuum

                The word "Dark Energy" brings to our mind an image of something like black magic or devil but it has nothing to do with these. Most of the energy we have on earth comes from the sun in the form of light and heat. It is visible and detectable energy. Some kind of energy that is invisible and mysterious is the dark energy. It is supposed to be the reason for the expansion of the universe (drifting away of stars and galaxies from each other).
                     Probably when we talk about the vacuum in the space it might not be so.There still may exist something that we are not able to perceive with our senses or instruments. Just like you cannot smell with your eyes, you need a nose. The Dark Energy Survey (DES) aims to study the expanding universe. It will use 4-metre Victor M. Blanco Telescope located at Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) in Chile. If we are able to crack the exact nature and behaviour of this energy, it will surely change our concept of what we call energy and what we can do with it. It is abundant in the space comprising more than 70% of the universe itself. It is a potential fuel for artificial satellites we send in the far outer space to explore our neighbourhood. It may solve the energy problem for our probes into the space. They will be able to travel far without carrying any fuel. It will considerably revolutionise space travel. Or even someday the space travel would become as common as a bus or train travel. If higher intellectual life forms like ours exist on other solar systems, they might even know how to harness the energy and make use of it. These are just some enigmatic questions whose answers human race is to found.
                      So, space vacuum is no more a vacuum now. If you can't see it doesn't mean there isn't anything. The situation gets weirder when you are writing an article alone in your room, look around and think that there might be something or even someone else around you. Its just  horrifying!! 
                                                                                                                                                  - N K Sran

Friday, 12 October 2012

Article - What would separate you from the robotic you ?

                  Human mind is probably one of the most complex things existing. Viewing
through the lens called science, you doubt does anything like a mind even exists or is it
only a combination of our concious and sub-concious brain activities. See yourself the level of
complexity ! Everything that happens to us is stored in the form of memories in a our
brain. What a person thinks or acts today, largely depends upon the experiences and
conclusions from life he has spent till now. Influences of our family members, friends,
famous personalities and idols, movies, games etc. have significant impact on our way of
thinking. Even reading this article might give rise to new thoughts, theories and
inferences, though it might seem like a daily ordinary reading activity. So, as far as
humans are concerned, they react upon a given situation on the basis of history that
resides in the form of links between neurons in their brain.

                    Many popular fiction books discuss "What if the robots were given the same memories as you ? Then what would separate you from the robotic you ?" . "The android concept" as most of us know. If your answer is "feelings" distinguish the both, then from the point of view of a biologist,
human feelings like pain and pleasure may be interpreted in terms of some chemicals in
our body being released in response to external influences. They are just complex
chemicals and can be artificially produced and induced into robot's body someday in future. The
other aspect is capability to learn on our own. If we are able to produce a complex
artificial brain for a robot, it may possess this ability too. Then what actually makes us so
human ?
                    There are few words that cannot be defined in technical terms, theses are hope,
faith, love, hatred, like, dislike that we experience in our daily lives. Some of them exist
just without having any reason. You may dislike a food for how it smells while others
in your family might love eating it. Here comes into role the uniqueness of one's personality.
Even definition of beauty is more of a psychological rather than a physical concept. Imagining
something that has never happened. Generating a picture in your mind just by listening to
a description. We always create a pre-handed personality image of a person we going to
meet for the first time just from their name, age, profession etc. We just can't help it. The
intuitions that astonish us by turning to reality the next moment. Motivating yourself by
imagining in your mind the accomplishment of a goal so many times and it may be possible
that it never turns into reality. It might seem too illogical but everyone of us dream of
fulfilling some goal. Sometimes we are changed by circumstances and sometimes
circumstances change us.

Humans make mistakes and they are never perfect in following the guidelines. But they always reach where they are destined to be. America was discovered out of a mistake! Even if robots in the coming decades will achieve all human like characteristics, still we shall have the privilege to imagine, dream and achieve that they can never understand because they are just so humanly things!!
                                                                                                                - N K Sran

Monday, 8 October 2012

Bastion - Words and Phrases


Meaning : A thing or person that defends a principle;

Origin : French, from Old French bastillon, from bastille, fortress

Reference -

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Poem - Life itself is a dance

All these years I observed that,
Life itself is a dance,
if you don't agree,
just take a glance.

One step away or towards,
a person we advance,
Sometimes balancing our relations,
or while managing the finance,
Committing mistakes, realisation and then mending,
our living skills we are to enhance,
With some people we are destined to share ways,
even if it seems like we met by chance.

We move as God plays the music,
tune may be happy or sad for instance,
But the best moments are when,
God himself becomes your partner for the Dance.

                                                                  - N K Sran