Poem - The Four Shades of a Woman

The four shades of a woman

With the birth of a little girl,
She enters in the life's whirl,
Soon starts taking steps so small,
She is still delicate as a doll.

Grows up learning lessons that bind,
Manners, etiquettes and being kind,
When education comes within her access,
Opens herself new doors to success.

Being daughter, sister, wife and mother,
She develops more patience than any other,
Works day in and day out with persistence,
Without even looking for any assistance.

Today, she has ability to lead,
Helps her family when in need,
At border, she defends her country,
Whether days are sunny or wintry.

Take delicacy, kindness, persistence and strength,
Tie these beads in a string having great length,
Long enough so that her life can be woven,
Using these four shades of a woman.

                                                          - N K Sran


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