Poem - A box full of happiness

Sitting in my room,
I was looking at a box,
It contained all my favourite stuff,
From old books, clothes to woollen socks.

All that I could no more,
Read, fit in or even wear,
But for the sake of my affection for them,
I always wanted to keep them near.

Suddenly, I saw through window,
Servant's children were playing,
Her mother promised her a pair of shoes,
I heard one of them saying.

Next moment I call,
My mother inside and say,
"All the stuff in this box,
I want to give away".

She called in children's mother,
And gave her the old stuff,
For her naughty little girl,
It was more than enough.

The little girl came running with joy,
Wearing 'new' bright red dress,
Her big smile was the sign of gratitude,
That she wanted to express.

I never saw anything,
Changing its colour so fast,
The clothes became the joys of today,
In a moment from the tokens of past.

For one it may have turned into,
A place with complete mess,
But for other it may become,
A box full of happiness!

                                 - N K Sran


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