Poem - When I talk to myself

When I talk to myself,
I kind of get relief,
Because I am not misunderstood,
Even if my words are brief.

As I am talking,
I am listening,
There is nobody else,
But its like a single,
Fish that in the silent,
Pond of water dwells.

There would be no turbulence,
But not even any cheer,
When other fishes,
In the pond are not near.

Squeaking, frolicking, swimming,
And jumping I enjoy,
I love being with other fishes,
Even if sometimes they annoy.

Somebody to break your silence,
Is necessary and essential,
Because you are on the Earth,
Not alone in the extraterrestrial!

                                      - N K Sran

       This poem has been written in response to the movie "Gravity". Really a great movie that I enjoyed last weekend with my family. It shows when you are all alone in the space, how much you miss hustle bustle of the Earth. The most annoying sounds seem like music to our ears. Mud and water seem like blessings. Human can be happy alone for few moments or few days but not for long time. Because this is how we are genetically designed. Nobody realises how much they love The Earth until they leave it!


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