Art - The Forest

Hello everyone!

                  I recently finished a painting titled "The Forest". It is an oil on canvas. I used Daler Rowney Georgian Oil colours along with Daler Rowney round and flat brushes.

              It took about complete 1 month to paint this one  and another six months to dry completely. It is inspired by the vibrant colours of nature. Orange, yellow and green are the prominent colours. Painting the rocks took the maximum time. Last year I was deciding on what to paint next, then this scenery caught my due to its vividness. It had all together different colour pallet than regular landscapes. It was easy to start but I had to strain my nerves many times while detailing, specially while doing the rocks. I yearn to paint more of the natural scenes in the years to come. This one will be definitely a rememberable experiment to me. Hope you all liked it! 

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- N K Sran 


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