Poem - Gold and the Goldsmith

                  Like some people, a gold nugget does not know its own worth and what it is capable of being. The poem accounts for the difficulties it has to go through while becoming a masterpiece, in the form of conversation between gold nugget and goldsmith.

I am very tough,
with my egdes so rough,
I just wonder,
what can you make out of me?

You are raw and old,
but a piece of precious gold,
I will make an elegant pendant
and a chain out of thee.

But you will put me on heat,
what if I got burned by this treat?

Don't you little nugget worry,
I will melt you slowly,
and not do any hurry.

Burning is non-essential
and painful in my view,
what will happen to me next,
tell me this too.

Gold never burns,
only impurities in it do,
Then I will put you in a mould,
on gradually becoming cold,
as a beautiful pendant,
you will unfold,
to make a chain,
the rest of you will be rolled,
a diamond at centre,
the pendant will hold,
finally to a rich lady,
they will be sold.

What if I would break,
as you would roll me into a snake?

I will melt you again for the remake,
and bring you again into the desired shape.

Is it really my fate's turnabout?
but how I will be after that,
I am in a doubt.

To see yourself, you will be amazed,
Glittering and shinning as if glazed,
and as unparalleled piece of my work,
everywhere you will be praised,
I hope you got answer to your every question raised!!

                                                                         - N K Sran


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