Poem - Besides the moon

             Some days of our life are not as good as others. It might happen that after working so hard we don't get the desired results or even someone spoils everything. So for those days, faith in God and ourselves is necessary.

On the roof,
besides the moon,
wishing everything,
turns out good very soon.

I had worked hard,
really hard since that June,
but it was blown away,
like a boat in the typhoon.

Listening on fm,
a very sad tune,
with it tears rolling down,
like late monsoon.

Then came you and said,
Stop acting like a maroon
soon your hardwork,
would prove to be a boon.

All your misfortunes,
I would prune,
and you are going to love,
to who you turn out soon.

                                - N K Sran


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