Art - The Role of Self-inspiration

                     There really are times when we want to create some art piece but what we are looking for is some "Inspiration"! You can explore new forms or techniques most of the times. But, sometimes you should depend upon your previous work. 

       So, display atleast one or more of your own art in your room or workplace . Choose the one that made you feel happy and satisfied after being finishing. An art piece constantly radiates the artists thoughts when he created it. Thus, you'll be in a cycle of self- inspiration that keeps on growing and growing. It takes you back to the time when you worked on it, the challenges you faced and the new techniques you devised. In this way you spend most of the time in a creative environment and nice ideas do come up.
            Feed your mind with great art and emotions, and you'll definately get the best out of you. Get inspired from yourself. Discover your own capabilities and keep creating!!

                                                                                                                       - N K Sran

Art depicted "The praying fairy" by N K Sran


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