Poem - Birdie's flight

A little birdie standing on cliff at great height,
creature's body is in the grip of fright,
gathering all the courage, pulls his muscles tight,
spreading delicate wings with confidence, takes his first flight.

Day after day he masters the art,
learning from experience, becomes smart,
but never departs mother's words from his heart,
what she taught at the very start.

She said that don't fall in trap due to hunger and thirst,
rarely in nature, grains are found not soiled by dust,
if they are too clean and shinny, look for the danger at first,
they might be spread delibrately, you'll be captured if you trust.

His wings are now robust and possess strength to fly,
sometimes he competes with the wind passing by,
everyday goes higher than the high,
because his dream was to touch the sky.

                                                            - N K Sran


  1. I am going to have to check most of this beautiful writing and art out on a more leisured basis. We seem to have so much in common. Poems rattle in my head all day long. Have you read Sidney Laniers work. He has a way of describing Joy and Glen in words I would never think of. Thank for sending me this direction. I rarely wonder from the main site. You are a very kind person.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I can also connect with your art. I haven't read Sidney Lanier's work, but will try to explore when I get some time. Some new poems are taking form inside my head, would pen down soon and put on this site. Artwork from others gives inspiration and a new direction to our own capabilities. So, I just keep checking sites for good stuff.

  2. Thanks for such an interesting post.

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