Poem - How far

How far can one reach, to fulfil their dreams,
When they remain silent, and their impeccable flair screams,

Not every year, day or hour, but, every moment they spend,
Thinking and working, to accomplish what they intend,

Every bliss, every distress, on the way they face,
makes their journey even more, worthwhile to retrace,

First destiny takes over them, its will they defy,
to change the reality, on their dreams they rely,

After tireless combat, finally they taste the victory,
the writer's pens are ready, to write the history,

Like a proud mother, Destiny blesses them and smiles,
She Laurels them on covering countless unendurable miles,

How far one can reach, to fulfil their dreams,
Destiny wants to witness, their odds and extremes.

                                                                         - N K Sran


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