Article - From the stardust

Hello everyone!
                    While looking at the stars sparkling bright in the night sky, have you ever felt a connection with them. If yes, I knew I am not the only one! And if no, you'll be soon feeling it after reading this.

      Stars, they are so magical and wonderful, but so far away. Or not exactly that far. What if I tell you that everything we see around us is a settled form of the stardust. New computer modeling confirms that our solar system was formed from the ashes of a dead star. Most of the elements we see around us, they all were formed inside the very very hot core of some star. Then the star exploded. The explosion is called supernova and it releases tremendous amount of energy. Everything disintegrated into stardust. That slowly over time collected together as a mass under gravity. Thus, we and our surroundings are a transformed matter of a star, that died, but gave birth to our solar system.

       Just imagine, the parent element of the iron present in blood flowing in our body was born in a star. How far they seem now? We are the new form the star has taken. Every old thing when ends, gives way to the new one to arrive and they keep on existing but in a different form. All those stars that we see in the sky are sustaining the life on some planet( if it really exists!) or they carry the possibility of new life within them. So next time when you'll be feeling low, remind yourself "You have a star within you".

                                                                                                                               - N K Sran


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