Poem - What is a poem?

Someone asked me,
What is a poem?

I replied, a poem is
a travelling thought,
it exists in forms,
that are diverse a lot,
it is not essentially be written,
not even necessary to be seen,
read the lines below,
and you'll know what I mean.

When drawn with colours,
as a Painting it is known,
if captured using a camera,
as a Photograph it is shown.

If it touches us gently,
we call it Wind,
when played with instruments,
as music it is listened,
accompanied by lyrics,
it becomes a song,
takes the form of prayer,
when sung with heart all along.

It is made up of feelings,
like happiness, grief, hate and love,
and is called a Poem,
if put into words like above!

                                     - N K Sran


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