Art - Experimenting with oil pastels

Hello everyone!!
               Hope you all doing fine. After such a long time I worked with oil pastels. Here is my today's work.

                      It is not so easy to work with oil pastels as their edges are worn out quickly which makes edges in artwork clumsy. However practice helps handling them smoothly and drawing fine lines. The things I like about oil pastels are:

  • They are easy to use, no water or oil required. The working spaces remains quite neat.
  • They blend easily to create different shades. However, every shade of colour is unique and has its own effect.
  • They are quick to work with.
  • They can be smudged with a cloth piece to obtain desired smoothness.
  • Various patterns can be created and their is always something new to experiment.
  • They are very bright! They fill the space with strong hues and catch your eye.  

                 If you're thinking that you are not good with oil pastels, don't worry the cliché works here - "Practice makes you perfect". This was my first ever attempt with oil pastel back in 2002(below).

                 I was really excited about the new colours and drawn this out of imagination. Rough shading, uneven outlines, but it was good enough for a child 12 year old. So, keep practising and keep improving, one day you might be amazed to see where you reached!
                                                                                                                                 - N K Sran


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