Poem - The Shell

A beautiful glossy shell,
lying on sand shining so well,

Gradually over time you took this form,
and became someone's first home,

You were abandoned when the insect was grown,
then by tides towards the shore you were blown,

On the shore was lying a starfish,
your talk with her yet didn't finish,

You were picked up by children playing nearby,
who again dropped you below the blue sky,

Then picked by a girl, shells who was collecting,
how much money they'll fetch, she was reflecting,

Happy to find her bag full,
with shells so colourful,

The craftsman bought them all,
made pieces to hang on wall,

As a piece of beautiful art,
a wind chime won a lady's heart,

You in the wind chime now find solace,
looking through window at your birth place.

                                                            - N K Sran


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