Our dear Hope

Dedicated to a cat named Hope who had to be put to sleep due to illness. May God bless Brandon (kid) and his family with strength to bear the grief. She was brought to their house as a kitten. Following are some lines written on Brandon's behave for the Hope...

When I would sleep,
climbing the edges so steep,
she would jump on my bed,
without a word being said.

Then will slowly slip into my blanket,
her soft cozy fur felt like velvet,
finding herself a little space,
she would turn to me and lick my face.

If a little noise she would hear,
immediately start twisting her ear,
like a radar all around,
assuring that I am safe and sound.

After a security check,
she would relax her neck,
fall asleep by my side,
then I would hug her tight.

I don't know where did you elope,
life has come to a lonely stop,
with pain of your absence we have to cope,
You'll always be alive in our hearts, Our Dear Hope..

                                                                         - N K Sran


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