Poem - The Morning Song

A sudden noise and my dream broke,
Ohh! it was my alarm clock,

The alarm was ringing,
outside cukoo was singing,

It was exactly 5 o'clock,
time for the morning walk,

But what I saw through the window pane,
washing the floor gently, whispered the rain,

In order to listen more,
I rushed outside through the door,

The air was filled with sparrow chirps,
Though I didn't understand the lyrics,

Suddenly the pond's silence broke,
all the frogs started to croak,

Below the sheet of clouds so grey,
eagle flew in the search of prey,

Music so mesmerising,
is played before the sun's rising,

Morning has more songs in stock,
tommorow wake me again, my alarm clock!!
                                                 - N K Sran


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