Poem - Just because i can't speak?

The below given lines are the probable heart rendering account by a tiger that is poached and captivated. The Tiger might show anger first but finally has to surrender before circumstances. Stop cruelty and save creatures as their pain is unimaginable because they can't express it in words but through eyes...

Looking deep into my eyes,
you shall be able to realise,
that how to the hands of my dismal fate,
I had to eventually remise.

Yesterday they fed me rotten mice,
to fill my empty stomach that wasn't suffice,
tell them I am a ruler of jungle,
not a pet who survives on their meat slice.

Somehow my escape I had to devise,
that too before the sunrise,
I attempted to break through the fence thrice,
but in vein went all my tries.

Their atrocity and cruelty, I despise,
tell them, it doesn't feel at all nice,
to witness every day,
one of your fellow's demise.

Day by day I am turning old and weak,
now I want freedom from this life so bleak,
tell me in which court justice should I seek,
Or I shall be imprisoned till death  just because I can't speak?

                                                                        - N K Sran


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