Featured Artist - Soraya Silvestri

About the Artist - For abstract artist Soraya Silvestri, nature provides the inspiration for her art and practice. If you look closely, each painting hints at a cloudy sky, a storm breaking, a mountain peak, or the cosmos. The abundance of emotion and energy in nature are echoed in her artwork.

Soraya looks to nature to find colour, pattern, and composition that she then translates to canvas in a unique and delicate way. Influenced by fearless masters of colour such as Jonas Gerard and Michael Lang, Soraya strives to create interplay of light and dark hues, experimenting with colour, form, and shadow. Smooth textures and blended colour are key elements of Soraya's work.

Much like the masters, Soraya looks to nature to supply mood and evoke a sense of wonder and awe. The use of chiaroscuro (contrast of light and dark) is a key tool in creating this sense of grandeur and majesty.

No formal education other than high school art class. She is completely self-taught.


• Santini Gallery 422 ½ Preston St. Ottawa
• Applecrate Galleries 5530 Main St. Manotick, On (Gallery Closed)
• Artbomb Daily, Ottawa
Daily online art auction featuring curated works of art.
• Ottawa Art Gallery, 2 Daly Ave. Ottawa
• Stonewall Wildes, 2016-2018 (Gallery closed)

Solo exhibitions at Santini Gallery since 2015 to present

Solo exhibitions at Sienna Gallery, Rockland 2015 - 2018

Participated in ‘Great Big Smalls’ group exhibition at Cube Gallery,
1285 Wellington W, Ottawa 2016, 2018

Exhibited in Compendium: Cube Gallery, April 2019

The below is a glimpse of her wide range of art works:

Cuan new

Barriers 36x48
Creation 3

Blumen 36x60

Survive use this 36X36

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