Poem - We miss you

Hello Everyone,

It has been a sad day as we lost our dear Scooby. A loss hard to heal. May his soul rest in peace.

Wherever have you been,
A soul devoid of malice and sin,
I still feel as if you are jumping,
with your excitement thumping,
And then you wag your tail,
Follow my steps without leaving a trail,
You hug me bouncing high,
And I never asked why,
With your tongue sticking out,
Listened calmly if I shout,
Looking at me through those brown eyes,
guarding the gate like wise,
Moving stuff around the house,
Relentlessly chasing a mouse,
With all your mischievous deeds,
you sew some deep rooted seeds,
Today empty is the feel,
With hard time we have to deal.
Can't believe if its true,
how badly we miss you.
                                        - N K Sran


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