Art - Let us Doodle today!

Hello Everyone,

   I hope this post finds you all in high spirits. I know I have been away for quite a long time. I just got busy with my job. But, painting didn't stop! I will share all my oil on canvas work in the next post.

  Today I am sharing a very fun and enjoyable side of art that everyone can create , i.e., Doodling! Doodles can have some theme or may be drawn freely without any pre-planned thought. Anyone can start from very basic. It can be filling shapes with patterns or a jungle scene with foliage and fauna, anything is possible. It can be colourful or just black and white.

  Inspiration is important here of course. Take a look around and collect patterns from your surrounding or you may imagine some in your mind. It takes a bit of imagination but more of patience to complete a doodle.

  Doodling may become a good hobby over the time even if you have never tried out art. It acts as a picture diary recording your thoughts. For an artist, it serves as a mind relaxing yet expressive activity. There has to be no realism, every stroke is just fine. There is no erasing back and also one does not have to worry about colours and tones. I would say, its a good exercise to read ones own mind.

   So, lets get started. Given below are some of the patterns that you can use to begin with. But, of course, you may pick them up from your surroundings or make up out of your own imagination.Reference from pictures can also act like an inspiration.These are just repeating patterns, but each doodle has a personality of its own.

   Material required: If you are using digital medium, you may use any of the available digital softwares. I am using MS Paint in the illustrations for this post. Otherwise, you may start with any plain white or coloured paper. A little thicker one would hold the pen's ink better. I would also suggest a thick tipped marker, felt pen or sketch pen that draws smooth, as it would put lesser pressure on your finger. Ink colour can be of your choice. Even a pencil would be fine to start off.

   Draw a circle and divide it into different segments as you like. Fill it in with myriad shapes and patterns.

   Another way is to doodle based on some theme like the below one. I have taken inspiration from nature here. I have used pencils of different colours to differentiate between various creatures and objects. It goes quite spontaneously. And the creator is in full control to open doors to a new world that never existed before.

   I hope this post would encourage many of you create your own doodle and discover your own world. We would love to post your doodles here on our website . Feel free to share your work with us at

   Stay tuned for our next posts. Happy Weekend!

- N K Sran    


  1. Lovely...! Your "doodles" are really great. I especially love that last one that shows so much creativity


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