Poem - Golden Ink

Little girl, look at my hands,
how powerful pen they hold,
and not to forget my charming words,
countless diamonds they have sold.

Like an ace tycoon,
Soon, I will conquer the whole world,
Of Gold is my ink,
It makes true, every order unfurled.

I think you seem confused,
or feel timid in front of me,
Will you break your silence,
and help me solve this mystery!

Girl Replies:
Sir, I have seen some mighty mountains,
turning into rolling stones,
But, however far it travels,
no virtue, it ever owns.

At moment, you may have power,
Alas! those virtues you somehow lack,
I can see your ink is golden,
but of what use, if your words are black!

- N K Sran                                                                                      


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