Featured Artist - Carolyn Watson Dubisch

About the Artist

         Carolyn Watson Dubisch currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is an artist, illustrator, author and journalist. In two decades as a commercial artist she has created giant vegetables for a Washington,DC Museum, helped create two dozen tiny hot air balloons for a Vegas show and designed alien bird-men for Star Wars games. As a writer and illustrator for numerous children’s books and magazines including Highlights for Children and Hopscotch, she also writes and draws award winning web-comics.


Her favorite piece is one she just completed last March for "The Mutant Piñata Show" at the Frontal Lobe Gallery on Grand Street in Phoenix. It's a 5 and a half foot long centipede piñata title "Bajumba". He's currently on display at Madison #1 Middle School in the library.

Right now she is painting circle paintings her my Etsy Store "Painting in Circles", and for a store in Philadelphia called S.O.T.A. Spirit of the Artist located on Pine Street. She is also working on some freelance illustration work, laying out and designing a graphic novel, and beginning the design stage for some giant snail sculptures for the Hanging Gardens and Woven Fences Festival next October. She is new to the Phoenix area, and she has been amazed by the wonderful art community there.

Egyptian Cat
The Whirlpool

Attaching the head

Green centipede from side

Finished face
Finished from front

Carolyn and bajumba

Message from the Artist

"Being a creative person is tough in this world today, but there's more to life than the pursuit of rent money.  Creating art may not make you wealthy but it really can make you happy.  I like to paint. It focuses my mind and makes my soul sing."

Her favorite quote:

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Her online stores are:

Painting in Circles on Etsy www.etsy.com/shop/PaintinginCircles
HandTurkeys on Zazzle www.zazzle.com/handturkeys
The Horribles Online Store on Cafe Press www.cafepress.com/thehorribles
The People That Melt in The Rain on Cafe Press www.cafepress.com/meltintherain
Abigail Books on Lulu www.lulu.com/spotlight/abigailbooks

You can find her on:

Facebook: carolyn.w.dubisch
Twitter: CarolynWDubisch
Talenthouse: carolynwatsondubisch

Websites :

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