Featured Artist - Eli Salvans

About the Artist

        Eli Salvans lives in Sabadell (Barclona, Spain). She studied history of art at university, (Univesitat Autònoma de Bellaterra). She likes painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, recycling, embroidery, all kinds of crafts, photography, literature and likes to try new ideas. She is 50 years old and virtually self-taught, for all.  But her grandmother taught her basic points for crochet. In spite of not having a family history in the world of art, from younger stage she demonstrated her interest in the Plastic Expression, that with the time evolved into her own personal style.


               Most of her paintings are oil on canvas, ("a la prima"). Since 1999, she exhibits regularly in the Traç d´Art Gallery, Sabadell, her hometown. She does not belong to any group or society of art. She prefers to be independent.

The painting given below will be exposed in Girona (Spain), from next week, in "La Carbonera"
Oil on canvas, 90 x 200 cm. (2012).

terra - cavalls del mar

terra - sireno i trito

"flama ballat al foc" (as a flame dancing on fire)
"de foc i d'aigua" (fire and water)

Photography and photo-editing : Along with photography, she is good at photo-editing too. Have a look at her work.

Embroidery : Here is a piece of her embroidery work. It is a great piece of patchwork.

Knitting: Following are some beautiful pieces of knitting done by her.

Lace work
Other works: 

Beautiful pattern on wall

Message from the Artist

               Welcome to my world!

Find Eli Salvans at:      Visit her Website elisalvans.wix.com to view more of her amazing work!

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