Article - Tips to better portrait sketching

             Portrait sketching is a popular form of art. People love making portraits and being portrayed! As artists strive for making life like portraits, this form requires more practice and exactness than other forms.There are numerous techniques artists devise and a new ones can be discovered by anyone to give a more natural look. Reconsidering reviews by others given on a finished work helps a lot in improving it. But, you yourself can be a good critic for your work.

           Here are some tips to enhance the finesse of your own work:

1) After finishing the work, go for a stroll or do something else, forget about the sketch completely. Then return to the art piece, observe it as someone else's work. Review it evaluating different aspects, improve the shortcomings.

2)  Try not to finish your work in a single go. Distribute it over span of few days so that you get more to concentrate on small areas and add vivid details. Patience is must.

3) Refer to the fine portraits by other artists. It will inspire you, suggest you more techniques and you'll be able to know where you may improve.

4) Art gives pleasure to the viewers so should it give to the artist. Feel happy and contented of your fully finished art piece for few days till you are ready to work on the next creation. Being satisfied by your own creation is must, thats what art is for and it keeps you going on.

5) If you cannot see any shortcomings in your previous sketches even after few weeks, then you are not actually progressing from learning point of view. With time feed your mind with better work so that you can well see flaws in your previous work, you didn't notice earlier. And this is when you are actually ready to begin with the next one.

            Be a better critic to your own work because only you know what degree of perfection you want to acheive. Hope this article benefits you in a positive way. Keep creating , keep sketching!!


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