Poem - The rule of change

Heading happily towards my badminton court,
at the backyard I used to play my favourite sport,
I took some soil in my hand,
asked her "Why you feel like sand ?"
To settle my curiosity the soil replied,
"Here was once a mighty river that dried".

It struck me like a bolt from blue,
and birds of my vast imagination flew,
I was submerged with water all around,
my feet were lifted up from the ground,
Touched by wind and weather so pleasant,
the next moment I returned to present.

The soil continued: This world is a place so strange,
Everyone has to follow the rule of change,
Even the mightiest of rivers shift their place,
and at some turns, slow their pace,
Never be arrogant due to what you possess,
nothing stays forever, not even success,
Behaving snootily in the days of bliss,
soon you may find yourself in a hopeless abyss,
Change a bit and a way you'll make,
because the stiffest of the trees are the first to break.

                                                                      - N K Sran


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