Poem - Best Farewell

After so many days,
cutting off sun's scorching rays,
comes the wind dancing on the ways,
along with sky filled with various shades of greys.

Falling droplets remind me of a place,
where i used to find solace,
tall eucalypti standing with grace,
green grass in my garden bordered by flowery lace,
i don't reside there anymore is the hard truth i have to face.

Coming to present, again lead me to dismay,
probably in the beginning of this may,

i'll have to leave the place where i'm sitting today,
when i'll visit it again, i can't say.

God i have something to ask from thee,
keep the weather cool and pleasant for me,
but no need to rain without reason daily,
harvesting season is to come u see,
moon-lit nights and days burn-free,
for it would be the best farewell, if u agree...

                                                             - N K Sran


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