Sunday, 14 February 2016

Art - The clouds and the sky

Hello Everyone!

Today I am sharing my latest digital painting done using procreate app for iPad. I didn't want to go into details and rather study more on the hue and shape of the objects. This is a loosely done digital art but I really like this freedom once in a while to unwind the tightened nerves of brain arising out of adding intricate details. It can be further build up to next layer but, I just chose to keep it rough and smudged.

The beautiful clouds, a bit on the purple tint, are being flown away by wind. The sun is not visible but its presence is indicated by the orange highlights near the horizon. I have scattered the colour from the right side to the left. I tried to keep a balance with the colours so adding some bold purple highlights on left side. The land in the foreground is just appearing darker as it is mainly the shadow area. Overall on a cold tone, the orange highlights work well.

I really enjoyed painting this one as I was on a break from oil on canvas for the last 2 months. I would hopefully pick up the brush again today and drive the abstract art based on music to next layer. I will for sure go forward with the digital art, will target for one per weekend for now, maybe more, if I find some interesting subjects.

 I hope you liked this post. Keep tuned for more!

                                                                                                                                     - N K Sran

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